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Prof Badri Munir Sukoco,SE.,MBA.,Ph.D.


This descriptive qualitative study was conducted at an agribusiness trading company in East Java. CV. X as a trading company is faced with the challenge of always being able to provide raw materials for its kustomers, which here are sengon wood. Another challenge is the threat of competitors to the company.
This study uses internal and external analysis to identify factors that have the potential to most influence the achievement of company goals. Research explores information directly from speakers using interview methods and questionnaires. This study then sought to find the company's strategic position according to the internal external concept (IE) matrix and provide recommendations on strategy formulations with the concept of diamond strategy.
The results of this study indicate the strategic position of CV. X is Growth and Build. The strategy that can be developed by companies is backward integration and intensive strategy, namely developing existing products and developing markets by penetrating the market. In addition, the company's business strategy was formulated based on diamond strategy concepts including arena, vehicle, differentiators, staging, and economic of logic.

Keywords: Business strategy, external internal analysis, diamond strategy.

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