Sheila Marthalia
Dosen Pembimbing
Dr. Dien Mardiya, SE., Msi


Onepluss use social media marketing to increase their in indonesia. Instagram is social media in the social media popular in the world. Instagram has user engagement 15 times fold of facebook and 25 times fold of twitter. Now, instagram not only present as media bersosialita in the virtual world but also it can be used alternatives in marketing.Instagram gives them a platform where users and companies can communicate in the general publicly
) and direct (directly). This research has objective to understand the extent of the influence of social media marketing instagram to brand awareness, word of mouth, and repurchase intention onepluss products. This research using partial least squares (PLS). The of this research ares social media marketing have a positive influence to brand awareness, social media marketing have a positive influence to word of mouth, brand awareness have no influence to repurchase intentio, word of mouth have a positive influence to repurchase intention

Keywords : Social Media Marketing, Instagram, Brand awareness, Word of Mouth, repurchase Intention, Onepluss.

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